XVM 6.8.0 for World of Tanks

New version: XVM 6.8.0 for World of Tanks


* bootcamp does not work
* crash to desktop on battle loading if user OS is Microsoft Windows XP.
* World of Tanks 9.19.1
* Implemented support for python debuggers based on PyDebugAttach library (for example, Microsoft PTVS)
* added macro {{type-shell-key}}
* added macros:
{{battletype-key}} - current battle type table key value
{{premium}}, {{my-premium}} - 'premium' for premium, empty for normal vehicle
{{hasBadges}} - 'true' if at least one player in the team has badge, empty if not
{{friend}} - player is in the friends list
{{ignored}} - player is in the ignore list
{{muted}} - player is muted for current battle
{{chatban}} - player have blocked chat by WG
* added parameter "selfIconColor" - color for arrow of selected vehicle
* macro {{battletype-key}} can be used in hangar
* added macros:
{{v.rankCount}} - vehicle rank achieved in the rank battle
{{v.rankSteps}} - steps completed to next vehicle rank
{{v.rankStepsTotal}} - total steps count to next vehicle rank
* Improved WoT client detection and path selection
* removed company mode functions (due to removal from the client)