XVM 6.7.3 for World of Tanks 0.9.19

New version: XVM 6.7.3 for World of Tanks 0.9.19.


* World of Tanks 9.19, micropatch 08.06.2017
* added option "hangar/hangarType" with values: none (default), "premium" and "basic"
* added section "hangar/camera" with options:
"minDistance" - minimum distance
"maxDistance" - maximum distance
"startDistance" - start distance
"zoomSensitivity" - camera zoom sensitivity (lower is slower)
* Sorting the parameters in the hangar.xc
* Fixed "defaultBoughtForCredits" option
* Fixed free XP displaying in research window
* Fixed {{my-frags}} macro
* Fixed tank contour disappearing
* Decreased performance impact of vehicle markers
* Minimized performance impact of "autoReloadConfig" option
* Use game locale in the xvm.formatDate() py_macro
* Fixed compatibility with Windows XP and Wine