XVM 3.5.0 for World of Tanks 0.8.5

New release: XVM 3.5.0 for World of Tanks 0.8.5.

* fixed sorting in After Battle stats
* fixed win chances with test tanks
* other fixes
* updated clan icons
* adaptation to WoT 0.8.5
* implemented ability to disable "Allies | Enemies" text fields under score panel
- upper level section "fragCorrelation" at xvm config file
* minimap: added new map Pearl River to map recognition system
* score panel updated
* minimap: zoom minimap on Ctrl press disabled by default
* adaptation to WoT 0.8.5.CT2
* squad window: show info about tank
* enemy spotted status at right side panel
* crew: crew loading mod (author: Lemaxho)
* added button in company window for enabling automatic loading data
* fixed mouse cursor with minimap zoom by Ctrl press
* fixed endless loop when stat is not available
* capture bar: tweak
* minimap enabled by default
* zoom minimap by key pressing;
see sections "minimap":{"zoom" and "hotkeys":{ at XVM.xvmconf
* 1000m square implemented
* 1km square switch for artillery
* xvm-stat.exe is not necessary for map recongnition for RU, NA/EN, CH locales
* {{vehicle-name}} macro returns vehicle system name - usa-M24_Chaffee
* smoothed superHeavyTank and all tank wrecks icons
* zoom size memory fixed
* world map battle fix
* iconScale now does not affect capture bases
* xvm-stat protocol reworked
ATTENTION: XVM Stat 1.4.0 ot higher required
* user statistics in hangar enabled by default
* markers: auto size text fields
* updated per-vehicle statistics data (added new tanks)