XVM 2.0: Expanded Functionality, New Format: XVM-Lite and XVM Full

XVM 2.0 is now available.

  * adapted for WoT 0.7.2
  * changed distribution mode: 
      xvm-lite - package without player statistics
      xvm-full - package with player statistics
  * optimized dynamic colors
  * added macro {{level}} for displaying vehicle tier
  * always uses color for "alive" for damage when using system colors
  * added clock to the battle loading screen (can be disabled in config) 
  * macro optimization
  * improved shadow quality
  * added error information in-game
  * separated settings for right and left player panels in battleLoading, statisticForm and playersPanel
  * playersPanel.swf changed for version 0.7.2 (currently only disabling mirrored icons and transparency work)
  * config file version changed to version 1.2.0. changed parameters: 
      rating/battleLoading => battleLoading
      rating/statisticForm => statisticForm
      rating/playersPanel => playersPanel
      battle/battleLoadingShowClock => battleLoading/showClock
      battle/playersPanelAlpha => playersPanel/alpha
      battle/playersPanelLargeWidth => playersPanel/large/width
  * configurable system colors (in the colors/system section in XVM.xvmconf) work with all elements except for vehicle type markers
  * configurable formats for player name and vehicle name fields
  * dark color for destroyed or unloaded vehicles in the player panels
  * configurable transparency for icons in the player panels (parameter playersPanel/iconAlpha)
  * changed the field size in the players panels
  * automatically chooses the fastest server (currently only working on Chinese servers)
  * added icon collection (config section "iconset")
  * added player and clan icons
  * added chance to win
  * many other fixes