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XVM (WoT client 8.17 M 153,761
Full ChangeLog | Полный список изменений

  * update for WoT #62
  * fixed battle results window


  * обновление для WoT #62
  * исправлено окно результатов боя

MD5 ( = aeb9e00329e4eed8b36907697c78e985
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On this page you can download XVM. Also, you can follow the newest versions here.

Short description of all files available for download: (where N.N.N. is the version number) – is the main XVM mod archive file. The file with the highest version number is the one we recommend for use.
Please note: in default configuration statistics turned off. If you want to see statistics, you should turn it on in your configuration file. (where N.N.N. is the test version number) – is the latest test version of the XVM mod. The archive contains mod files with new features that are currently in active development. Versions that carry the “test” suffix are not recommended for use by players who are inexperienced with the XVM mod. If you are an experienced user and want to try the test version, we recommend that you read the development section on the official XVM forum. There you can add your thoughts and comments regarding the latest test version and actively participate in testing and development. (where XX – is the region, and NNNNNNN – is the date of the latest file version) – is the archive containing all of the clan icons for the regional server cluster that were available on that date.