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XVM is a completely free and open source modification. Users number in the hundreds of thousands, and the statistics server processes millions of requests every day.
The ever-increasing popularity and growing server load requires financial investment to expand the server infrastructure: increasing the power of the master-server and connecting servers for sharding and replication.
You can help keep the stat server accessible and stable with your donations, in any amount.
Absolutely all funds received are used to maintain the server that process XVM user requests.

What are the system requirements for XVM?

In order to use XVM you need to have the latest version of World of Tanks installed.

In old versions of Microsoft Windows, also in of OS Linux and Mac OS X may require additional installation of the fonts used in the default configuration:

  • Lucida Console

How do I create a configuration file or edit XVM.xc?

You can manually edit the configuration file in a text editor like Notepad++.

You may also use pre-made XVM configurations from other users, available in a special section on the official mod support forum.

How many battles should i play to see my stats in XVM?

You should play at least 100 battles before your statistics will be available in XVM.

How can i hide my statistics in World of Tanks from XVM users?

Statistics is always remains public. Any requests for hiding personal statistics will be rejected.

Where can I download XVM?

The official website of XVM is located at

The latest files are published on page download XVM. The newest versions of XVM always appear only here.

Please Note: We do not recommend downloading XVM from other sources. Getting XVM from unofficial sources poses risks to your computer. Always check the address where you are downloading XVM from and don’t install if the address is not

How can I add our clan icon to XVM’s icon collection?

The XVM clan icon collection only includes top 50 clans (according to wGM).
In order to get your clan’s icon into our collection, you need for your clan to reach the top 50 in that rating.

Can I use XVM while also using the standard in-game markers?

Yes. Open your config file in the online editor and click the option: “Use standard client vehicle markers” under the common settings section.
If you are manually editing the configuration file: In the “markers” section, change the function of “enabled” to false. The default is true – in other words using the XVM markers in place of the in-game ones.
Please note: The standard markers in World of Tanks do not support additional text fields. If you use the standard in-game markers, you cannot customize the markers to utilize statistics or other features above the vehicle.

What does the asterisk * or apostrophe ‘ after the nick mean?

These symbols are used only when a player has a stock turret on his vehicle.

  • The Asterisk * appears when a player has a stock turret that is unable to mount the top gun for that vehicle.
  • The Apostrophe ‘ appears when a player has a stock turret that is able to mount the top gun for that vehicle.

How do I use my own “lamp” with the Sixth Sense perk?

To change the lamp image for the Sixth Sense perk just place your alternative .png-format image in /res_mods/mods/shared_resources/xvm/res/SixthSense.png

Please note that file needs to named SixthSense and be in the .png format.

See also: topic with a large collection of ready to use SixthSense.png

How do you remove the clock in the debug panel (next to FPS)?

Leave a blank setting in the “clockFormat” field. I.e. "clockFormat": ""



Please don’t forget to make a comment “for XVM”.

What is xvm-stat and why do we need it?

XVM-stat.exe  – is an additional module that extends the utility of the XVM mod.
It is required if you plan on using additional XVM features connected with player statistics and/or customizing the Damage Log.

I launch the xvm-stat.exe file, the game launches, but I don’t get any player stats – there are dashes in place of numbers. What’s wrong?

First – make sure that your config file is set up to display the information (Enable player statistics (global switch) under the “common” tab) in the XVM Editor. Then check to see that your firewall/antivirus/router is letting you access the XVM stat server.
If everything is configured properly, and you still don’t understand why it’s not working, leave a message describing the issue in this section of the official forum (create a new thread). Make sure to attach a copy of your config file and XVM.log (located in the folder where xvm-stat.exe is located).

How often does the XVM server update player statistics?

User of XVM is placed in a queue for updating at least once every 3 days. All other players – at least once every 11 days.

I.e. when the user of XVM enters the battle, our server will check when his stats was updated. If since the last update has been more than 3 days, this user will placed in the queue for update.
All other players who got into a battle with user of XVM will placed in queue for updating if their statistics is older than 11 or more days.

Update speed of queue depends on the load on stats server and on server of WG API. It can range from a few seconds to several days.

How is player Efficiency Rating calculated?

WN8 (displayed with the macro {{wn8}}) is calculated using the following formula:

rDAMAGE = avgDmg     / expDmg
rSPOT   = avgSpot    / expSpot 
rFRAG   = avgFrag    / expFrag 
rDEF    = avgDef     / expDef 
rWIN    = avgWinRate / expWinRate
rWINc    = max(0,                     (rWIN    - 0.71) / (1 - 0.71) )
rDAMAGEc = max(0,                     (rDAMAGE - 0.22) / (1 - 0.22) )
rFRAGc   = max(0, min(rDAMAGEc + 0.2, (rFRAG   - 0.12) / (1 - 0.12)))
rSPOTc   = max(0, min(rDAMAGEc + 0.1, (rSPOT   - 0.38) / (1 - 0.38)))
rDEFc    = max(0, min(rDAMAGEc + 0.1, (rDEF    - 0.10) / (1 - 0.10)))
WN8 = 980*rDAMAGEc + 210*rDAMAGEc*rFRAGc + 155*rFRAGc*rSPOTc + 75*rDEFc*rFRAGc + 145*MIN(1.8,rWINc)

WN6 (displayed with the macro {{wn6}}) is calculated using the following formula:

+SPOT*125 +MIN(DEF,2.2)*100

Efficiency Rating (WoT-News version)(displayed with the macro {{eff}}) is calculated using the following formula:

DAMAGE * (10 / (TIER + 2)) * (0.21 + 3*TIER / 100) +
FRAGS * 250 +
SPOT * 150 +
log(CAP + 1) / log(1.732) * 150 +
DEF * 150
DAMAGE - average damage
FRAGS  - average kills
SPOT   - average spots
CAP    - average capture points per game
DEF    - average defense points per game

Your commentary and suggestions regarding the formula can be posted on the forum in the section “Ratings in XVM”.

How do I change the color and/or text of the scrolling damage indicator when a target is one-shotted?

The color of dead enemies (i.e. the color of the final damage to an enemy) is managed separately: When using the visual editor, make sure that the “Dead” status button is pressed.
If you are manually editing the configuration file: The color is in the “dead” section. Please note that section configures differently for both allies and enemies. In this way, you can configure various messages depending on which team a vehicle is located.

Everything is working, but in place of text, I only see “squares”. What is the problem?

The fonts you chose in your configuration file are not installed on your system. Change the font to one installed on your system, or install the font specified in the configuration file (Many config authors will attach font files to their configurations).

How is the team’s chance to win calculated?

The chance to win is only calculated where there is an even number of allies and enemies. When a player does not have stats available, server averages are used.
You can get more information regarding the formula used to calculate team win chance in this thread on the offical XVM forum.

How do I use my own images for text fields with HTML support?

In order to use your own images in text fields you need to use the tag <img>.
The <img> tag allows you to place image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG), SWF files and video fragments.  In multi-line fields text will automatically flow around the image.
The <img> tag supports the following attributes:

src     - specifies the path to the image of SWF file or the identifier of the video fragment symbol in the library. It's a required attribute, none others are required. External files (JPEG, GIF, PNG and SWF) are displayed only after being fully loaded.
width   - width of the image, SWF file or video fragment. Measured in pixels
height  - height of the image, SWF file or video fragment. Measured in pixels
align   - specifies the alignment of an image according to surrounding elements. the default is left. 
hspace  - specifies the whitespace on left and right side of an image. The default is 8.
vspace  - specifies the whitespace on top and bottom of an image. The default is 8.

Usage example:

<img src='img://gui/flash/XVM.png' width='16' height='16'>

Using the code above will display a 16×16 pixel image located at res_mods/[version]/gui/flash/XVM.png.
Please note that path should indicate the current version of the game in the mods folder, and not the root directory of the game.

Will you create a version of the mod that works with the FAT32 file system?

No. We will not be addressing compatibility with outdated file systems. Update to NTFS.

How can I change the font in XVM text fields using HTML?

You can use any attributes for the font tag:

  • color – specifies text color
  • face – specifies font
  • size – specifies text size

Usage example:

<font color='#666' face='Consolas' size='10'>{{rating}}</font>

In this example, the general win rate  of the player is colored in grey (#666 is a color number in RGB) and written in the “Consolas” font at size 10.

How do you convert X and Y coordinates from OTMdata.xml when transferring to XVM.xvmconf?

         case "playerName":
                dx = -70;
                dy = -16;
         case "vehicleName":
                dx = -70;
                dy = -16;
         case "currentHealth":
                dx = -41;
                dy = -18;
         case "healthRatio":
                dx = -41;
                dy = -18;

Error: Can’t assign a drive letter or mount point. What do I do?

There can be several reasons for getting this error. The most common two:

  1. Dokan is installed incorrectly. This is usually resolved by a full reinstall of Dokan while rebooting after each action (reboot after uninstall, before reinstall and once again after reinstall).
  2. By default the DokanMounter service registers at launch with a “Local System” account. Most likely, the local system account authorization does not have the permission to create files or directories in the game catalog. In this case go to the properties for the game directory and click on the “security” tab and add permissions for “Local System”. You can also open the properties from the services dialogue in the Task Manager and under “Logon” specify a user account with full permissions for the game folder.

Error: Can’t install driver. What do I do?

There can be several reasons for this error. The most common are:

  1. Dokan isn’t installed or doesn’t work. Solution: install or reinstall Dokan.
  2. The Dokan driver is installed, but the signature is being rejected by the system. In this case you can sign the driver dokan.sys with the program Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider.

How do I install Dokan on Windows 8?

Run the Dokan library installer in the Windows 7 Compatibility mode.

Please note: All donations are completely on a volunteer basis and do not create any obligations on the part of the mod developers. You will not receive any advantages over other users due to a donation. The service is always provided on a “As-is” principle regardless of donations. No guarantees are offered.